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RTK full kit

RTK full kit

The kit is a full system that is reedy to use for the tractor and  

Windows Tablet with AGOPENGPS developed by Bryan Thisler. The connection to the controlling unit an section unit is wireless, the only cable you need is for charging the tablet.

Hardware controller that is standard with all components soldered and all the connectors cabled. On the back it is the option to change the output oft the steering motor do other voltage like 24v.  Standard connection is 12v. Compass an accelometer can be in the controler box ( must be fixed and calibrated) or provided with 360 degree sensor for orientation for more flexibility in mounting the controller.

Section output  with relays can be with 4 or 8. For other requirements you can contact us.  There are 2 versions 1. Compact with section relays inside ans one with separate section relays box provided with fuses and general relay. Conention

Auto stearyng sistem kit - motor on well Auto stearyng sistem kit - motor on well
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This kit can be mounted on a diversity of tractors. Evan if the steering well is different on each tractor we are capable to prepare custom elements for  mounting the system or even to redesign with different shape or dimensions.The software used is AGOPENGPS designed initially by Brian Tischle..
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