Best hardware controller for AGOPENGPS software for precision farming. We provide the package that consist in RTK GNSS antenna for precise cm level position of the tractor, the controller of the steering by motor or hydraulic valve, the section controller. All this components are in connection with the computer over wireless/Bluetooth connection.


  1. GNSS Antena
  2. Controler
  3. WAS - well angle sensor
  4. 12v power IN
  5. Section unit
  6. Safty panel - fuses
  7. Saftey panel - general relay
  8. Motor for well steryng
  9. hydraulic valve
  10. ROLL / IMU sensors (external version)
  11. GNSS Antena
  12. Controler
  13. WAS - well angle sensor
  14. 12v power IN
  15. Section unit
  16. Safty panel - fuses
  17. Saftey panel - general relay
  18. Motor for well steryng
  19. hydraulic valve
  20. ROLL / IMU sensors (external version)

There are 2 versions of the controllers 1. is for all end users, ready to use and 2) is "developer type" for persons who intend to modify some internal components or rewrite the memory on the boards.

The controller in this video demo is very compact, inside it is also the section controller that can provide up to 8 outputs. In this model are mounted only 4 connectors.

The sections are protected by a general fuse and can control devices wit maximum 20A 12V.

Real life presentation

The porous of this video is only to demonstrate how easy is to implement GPRS Automatic Searing Control on your tractor. The software is ruining in simulation, so the only difference from a real life case is only not using the RTK Antenna module. In future video will present also the antenna capabilities on a scale tractor to see even better the cm level accuracy.